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Van Build – Interior – Wheel Wells

The Executive Summary I framed out two wooden boxes; one for each wheel well. I insulted the wheel well with some leftover Reflectix and lined my boxes with fiberglass insulation. I attached the insulated boxes to walls and floor. The bed was going to rest on top of them so I needed them to be…… Continue reading Van Build – Interior – Wheel Wells

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Van Build – The Walls pt. 1

The Executive Summary I went with tongue and groove cedar boards and decided to mount them vertically, rather than horizontally. This was meant to give the interior and taller feel, rather than long and narrow. To accomplish this, we first needed to hang some furring strips that the visible wall boards could be adhered to.…… Continue reading Van Build – The Walls pt. 1

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My Story – Vapor Barriers and bulkheads

The Executive Summary With the insulation of the walls completed, I put up a plastic sheeting to act as a vapor barrier. This would keep the insulation from accumulating moisture which can cause mold. I ordered some 3M weatherstrip adhesive on Amazon to stick the plastic to the metals walls of the vehicle frame. I…… Continue reading My Story – Vapor Barriers and bulkheads

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My Story – Insulation pt. 2

The Executive Summary After a five-month hiatus, I wanted to get writing again. I removed the lights along and filled the space below the electrical rail with expanding foam. This should help to insulate that space since I’m not able to get fiberglass down through the cracks. I also had a change of heart about…… Continue reading My Story – Insulation pt. 2