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My Story – Insulation pt. 2

The Executive Summary After a five-month hiatus, I wanted to get writing again. I removed the lights along and filled the space below the electrical rail with expanding foam. This should help to insulate that space since I’m not able to get fiberglass down through the cracks. I also had a change of heart about…… Continue reading My Story – Insulation pt. 2

The Build · The Van

My Story – Beginning the Build

The Executive Summary We named the van Boyd! VERY IMPORTANT!!! After doing some research on different flooring and floor insulation, I decided to leave the floor uninsulated. That let us use a thicker plywood for a more sturdier floor. It might be cold, but it’s a small area. It should take that much effort to…… Continue reading My Story – Beginning the Build

The Van

My Story – Searching for Inspiration 

The Executive Summary We headed to Frederick, Maryland to hike a small piece of the Appalachian Trail and check out an Airstream restoration in progress. The Airstream is a beautiful piece of work and provided good inspiration. The Details The build out of the van has been coming along, although slower than I would have…… Continue reading My Story – Searching for Inspiration